Fruits and Vegetables

Ninety percent of the cases I see in my practice have their cause and solution within the realm of diet and nutrition. People normally become ill because of what they consume on a consistent basis. It really does not matter where you live in the Western Civilization, as long as you have been influenced by consumerism, either you are or were a victim of what is called the “American Diet”. Walk into any typical supermarket in any common town and the proof of this is plain to see. It is very difficult to eat a clean diet because all the food items are either processed or poisoned by chemicals. There has been improvement over the past 10 years but for the most part it is still hard to get what you need.

This way of life has gone on so long now that most people look at this as normal. They don’t even give it a second thought. They just, out of habit, buy what they have been eating for all their lives. Whether it’s in the grocery store or at a fast food joint, it’s killing us. The most painful part for me is that most of us don’t know or even care. We’re trained to eat

hx2pwhat the TV tells us is good. We trust that corporate America has our best interest at heart….and this is so far from the truth. The truth is that big companies want the food they sell to last a long time. They call it “Shelf Life” and that has nothing to do with your good health in mind and everything to do with making them more money. It’s called good business practice!
I’m not saying all companies are like this but most are. My job is to try and educate you on what is really important if you want to stay healthy or overcome your ill health. We are all born with a certain amount of life giving energy. The trick is to keep that energy from dwindling away before its time. I can assist you on achieving this if you are willing to listen and take responsibility for you life.

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