Happy 2013! Nice To See You Are Still Here

Happy 2013! Nice To See You Are Still Here

What are you lookin' at?So, we’ve made it through 2012 in various ways and means. That’s good even if you may have already experienced this god-awful flu that is currently making so many people miserable. I can tell you first hand that it was no picnic for me. Those first few days were tough. I mean, I was so uncomfortable with fever, chills, aches, pains, inflammation and coughing that I could not sleep or even think straight…..but after about the 4th day I was over the painful part and on my way back to recovery. I look back on it as a time of purging. My body decided it was time to clean house…..and so I elected to allow it to do its thing. What a perfect set-up; the last week of 2012. The end of the world….as I knew it!

No, I did not get a flu shot and that’s o.k. The flu vaccine doesn’t really address the current strain floating around and it’s loaded with the preservative thimerosal that contains an ample amount of ethyl mercury. I get enough mercury from other sources, like fish and polluted air so I don’t need any more, thank you.

flu shot_childIf you have children (or are pregnant) I would think twice before taking them to get a flu shot just based on the mercury alone. Many studies have shown it can cause damage to the nerve tissues of the brain, so, just be careful. It’s o.k. to be “sick” sometimes. It’s only when you are in a weakened state that getting “sick” can kill you. The body knows what it is doing. Don’t over-react.

I read an interesting book a couple months ago called “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis. He is a chemist who decided to take control of his own life and health after a really bad series of experiences with doctors and hospitals. It’s a familiar story I’ve heard dozens of times over the years by intelligent people that were written-off as incurable by mainstream medicine. This guy ended-up curing himself and learned quite a bit along the way. He wrote the book to testify about what he experienced after he took control of his own health. Bottom line is that there is only one disease with only two causes. I would recommend you at least skim through it. You would be much more observant about what you take into your body every day. Oh, yes….the only disease is weakened cells…and the two causes; toxicity and malnutrition.

virus cells

So many of us are walking around thinking we are well because we are not in a full-blown breakdown of our immune system. We consider being “sick” just that. “Sick” to most of us is being down for the count when in reality there are many stages of illness. It is a question of; to what degree are we “sick” that is reflected in our condition. The weaker your cellular make-up, the worse you are. The key is to get yourself back into better cellular health, and then you will slowly see the changes occur in whatever your symptoms might be.

What can you do to get started? Make an appointment with me or maybe another natural brand new dayhealth practitioner you feel confident about. We can access your scenario and recommend a safe, holistic strategy so that 2013 can be the beginning of your new world…. as you know it! This is the time for change. The opportunity to be well is here.

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